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Master Class Workshops

with David Rodwin

After studying at Princeton, Juilliard and Northwestern, David has taught at the Screenwriters World Conference, Duke University, the MIT Media Lab, Union College, Manhattanville College, University for the Arts (Philadelphia), Fools Fury (San Francisco), Mobius (Boston), the  Sedona Yoga Festival, and more.

Win The Moth

(Storytelling for the Stage)

Learn from The Moth storySLAM champion how to structure and deliver a story that makes an impact. Whether you’re getting ready to do The Moth, or your first solo show, or make a presentation to the board of directors, you’ll learn and then practice ways to draw in your audience and make them hunger for where you’re taking them next.


You’ll get targeted feedback on the tale you bring in to help you polish your writing and performance using techniques passed down to David from his mentor, the master monologist, Spalding Gray.


By highlighting the narrator’s flaws while persuading the audience to root for you, David will show you keys to transforming relationships gone bad, family feuds, adventures, dating horror stories and life’s minutia into riveting five-minute pieces that are the perfect mix of vulnerability and comedy.

Book Your Tour

(Tour your show. Now.)

You’ve made your show. Now tour it. If you thought it was hard to make your show, it’s an entirely new battle and set of skills to book and tour your show.


Learn the best ways to approach theatres, fringes and performing art centers from Adelaide to Edinburgh and New York to LA. Learn how to do what booking agents say they'll do for you but often don't, and get time tested resources from a working artist who’s been performing touring for over twenty years.

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