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F*ck Tinder: a love story is a comedic storytelling rollercoaster from The Moth StorySLAM champion David Rodwin


After getting held up at gunpoint the night his girlfriend breaks up with him, David moves to San Francisco and goes on dates with 120 women in 2 years - in search of love, but finding everything else. From a first date hook-up who unexpectedly brings along her infant, to being taken to a sex party by a woman who’d just told him “I love you,” David brings you on a journey you’re glad he took and you didn’t.


David’s crazy stories surprisingly grow into a serious spiritual commentary on modern dating, which leads to a tale of love that takes a strange twist - giving audiences hope. 


In a time when men are more reluctant than ever to talk seriously about sex in a public forum, David cuts through the bullshit and divulges every detail of dating in the wilds of the Bay Area where there things can get very strange. Far from a gratuitous sex routine, David crafts an authentic and enthralling narrative in which he cuts his heart open in pursuit of that elusive connection.

After sold out shows in 9 cities from LA to DC, F*ck Tinder is now booking a tour for 2023 and beyond.

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