...is also a book in the making. The book has ten times as much material as the show. I dig deeper into every scene, and also includes numerous sections cut from the live show due to time constraints.


This includes my excursion to the Cannes Film Festival where I met a high-end escort who became my platonic wing-woman for the week and who's now writing her own memoir.  We got into serious trouble with the Princess of Thailand, Anna Kendrick, a Grand Prix race car driver, a British tabloid journalist, my German doppleganger (who runs a porn site), a South Korean Mogul who lives in Casablanca, and Woody Allen himself. The week ended after I was saved by a henchman from a James Bond movie, but I was still stopped by police at the airport when they thought they were under attack from terrorists and they sent me back to Cannes.

This story actually began as a book and only became a live show when I got writer's block, after the woman I fell for broke my heart. But now the book is complete and will be available for pre-orders soon.

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