top of page also a book in the making. The book has ten times as much material as the show. It digs deeper and also includes numerous sections cut from the live show due to time constraints.


This includes an excursion to the Cannes Film Festival where a high-end escort becomes his platonic wing-woman and who's now writing her own memoir.  They got into serious trouble with the Princess of Thailand, Anna Kendrick, a Grand Prix race car driver, a British tabloid journalist, a German doppleganger (who runs a porn site), a South Korean Mogul who lives in Casablanca, and Woody Allen himself. The week ended after David was saved by a guy who played a henchman from a James Bond movie, but he was still stopped by police at the airport when they thought they were under attack from terrorists.

This story actually began as a book and only became a live show when David couldn't stop telling his friends about it over drinks. But now the book is complete and will be available for pre-orders soon.

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